You’re surprised and I know why. It’s because right now there is no color to transfer money abroad. Soon there will be. At least if the future of money transfers is as I expect them to be. So let me explain. I consider that in a few years there will be many new ways to send money abroad because transferring money will become a simple commodity.

Why would I consider that transferring money internationally is a commodity?

First we have to know that as soon as there are marketplaces the services which are exchanged become commodities. And there are marketplaces for money transfers. We call them money transfer comparison websites. Why would money transfers become a commodity though? When I transfer money internationally I expect my money in my current country (let’s say the United States) to be sent to another country (let’s say United Kingdom). What I expect first is to have a free service for sending the money from a place to another, from a currency to another. Then if I want to send money abroad very fast I will have to pay additional fees. So far it’s logical. Now that new technologies allow to control money transfers I can expect to master the usage of the money which is received.


What are the money colors when we transfer money internationally?

There are some usages which can be applied to money transfers. Let’s say I sent money from the US to my daughter in the UK. Then I prefer her to use the money to pay her studies instead of buying mountains of bottles of wines for her and her friends (I hope so).

A color for a money transfer would mean that the currency received can be used only for certain purposes. Black for games, blue for outside activities, red for food, yellow for studies and white for healthcare, for example.

Money transfer colors are the future of money transfers. A world where you pay for adding a value to your remittance when you transfer money internationally.

Whether you are a student spending a semester in Australia or just taking a gap year, you’ll probably need your parents to send money to you to be able to pay for your day-to-day expenses. It might seems easy to send money to Australia, ask them to log on their online banking and make a wire on your australian account. Hum, if you really think so take 3 minutes to read this following article.


send money to australia


How to send money to Australia?

So here is why asking your parents to use their bank to send money to Australia is a bad idea, probably the worst you’ve ever had. Banks make you pay outrageous fees: variable, fixed and hidden ones! (hidden because they’re hard to find: they apply a lower exchange rate than the real one, taking a mark-up). The transfer is likely to take a long time, between 5 to 7 days.


You might be wondering what are your options then. There are actually plenty of them! Let me just warn you about money transfer operators such as Western Union and Moneygram. Long story short, they are as bad as banks, even if they are extremely famous. I always remember an ad Western Union made for Christmas saying that sending $50 would “only” cost $5. 10% fees? And it is supposed to be a Christmas offer? I still cannot believe how people decently go for it!


Use online operators to send money to Australia

It is, currently, the cheapest option you could go for. They generally apply between 3 to 4 percent fees on the amount you’re sending. The only issue with this solutions is that there are many of them and the cheapest one is not always the same. IT means that there is an increasing need to compare them, to make sure once make the best choice when send money to Australia.

Hopefully you are already aware that banks are the worst when it comes to send money internationally. They would be fine if you’re making a transfer inside Europe for example. However if you need to send money to the US, be prepared to pay around 10% of the amount in fees! I will not dig here into the details of these fees but give you alternatives instead.

Finding alternatives to banks is actually very easy, especially if you use a comparison service that does the job for you.


send money to usa


Need to send a large amount of money? Use a broker to send money to USA

The main advantage of using a broker for large amounts (more than $5,000) is that they are the cheapest. The main reason for that is that they are specialised in transferring large amounts of money. Make sure to take time to compare them to find the best one for you. However if you need to transfer regularly, you want to make sure to keep monitoring the competition as the cheapest is not always the same.

One thing that can bother you the first time you use a broker is the signup process, ID verification etc. But we’re talking about money here, so brokers have to make sure they are not helping someone laundering money.


For smaller amounts, use online money transfer operators to send money to USA?

Id verification and validation process is so long with brokers that you’d better use an online operator if you need to send a small amount of money. You’ll find plenty of them who allow you to send money to USA. As they target people sending money regularly, their website and user experience are generally very good. Fees are quite inexistent with these operators and they apply a fair rate. Remember: they need to attract customers.

Most of the time you’ll get your first transfer for free with most of them, which is a good way to test different ones if you want to make your mind before sticking to one. However, I do not recommend you to do that as exchange rates fluctuates, the cheapest operator is clearly different one day from another.


In the end you should keep in mind that one of the key aspect of sending money to USA is the mount you’re ending.


Yesterday, I was bored so I went to some forums to see how people deal with transferring money abroad. I read a topic which is priceless. Here is the discussion.

Me reading the topic: “How to send money abroad for free”


M.E (Topic creator)

Hello! How can I send money abroad online without paying fees? It’s an emergency. I wish I can send it fast and free! If it’s not possible, I want the best prices of the market. Any advice? Thanks you all!

Loris (first answer)

You do not tell us if the recipient has a bank account abroad or not. If yes, you can wire money bank to bank, it’s the safer, fastest and cheapest. Now, I guess with your topic that the guy does not have any account there. You have to know that the most you want it to be fast, the most expensive it will be. You can try with Western Union, mostly for Africa, but you can find a lot of money transfer services to do it.


How to send money abroad, please? I have an emergency too, I need to send money to Thailand to a guy who does not have an account in the country. I think it would be less expensive to take the plane and give him myself.


I use my bank to send money abroad. I go to my bank in my neighborhood, and it takes only few minutes. My family living in Morocco receive the money very fast.


You can also check Moneygram. They are not worldwide as Western Union, but less expensive. Also, you need to know that it will be less expensive if you do everything online than go to a withdraw agent.

If you read this blog on a regular basis, you know I don’t need to add anything to this whole b*lls*it…

Free transfer, really? And always the same people… Western Union, MoneyGram, TFW, etc… No comment, really!

Today 250 million people live outside their homeland. As a consequence, most of these people will have to send money abroad either regularly or occasionally. Meanwhile, can anyone send money abroad ?

What are your options to send money abroad ?

Before seeing if anyone can send money abroad, let’s first focus on how can people send money abroad. There are several options. Maybe more than you think actually. For instance did you know that you could use a credit card to send money on someone’s mobile phone ? Seems strange right ? Well, not that strange as millions of people in Africa use mobile wallets to receive funds. You can also pay via cash/credit card/bank transfer on the left side and receive physical goods such as food, dishwashers, fridges on the other.

As you can see, many different options exist to send money abroad, the main ones being by cash, bank transfer and/or credit card.


Can anyone send money abroad ?

If by anyone you are thinking about your little sister, then the answer is yes, as long as she is 18 years old (which by the way starts to make you a “not so young” elder brother.. 😉 ). To send money abroad, whatever the solution you use, the operator will have to undertake what we call a KYC which stands for “Know your customer”. This is a strict process one must follow before sending money abroad in which you will have to present 1 or 2 ID documents depending on the amounts & countries concerned by the transfer + personal information which will be registered in a file by the operator. These information are mainly your name, surname, date of birth, address, e-mail and phone number. After what, the operate takes between 24 & 48 hours to check your

Why all this process ? To avoid money laundering and or dark funds being sent for terrorism for example.

What solution should I use to send money abroad ?

If I were you I would go for a money transfer services comparison tool. Why? because it enables you to compare all the best solutions in a few clicks based on your requirements. As the best solution de send money abroad depends on the amounts sent and the country from/towards where the money is sent, this will enable you to be sure you have chosen the best option in no time.

More info

When sending money abroad you have to find a money transfer service which fits to your current needs. Before taking a decision, you have to wonder what are your transfer needs: how do you want to pay? how the recipient should receive the money? are the transfer urgent? do you want a fast transfer? a cheapest transfer? or an easiest transfer? Below the list of what you have to consider when sending money abroad:

Payment and delivery methods are the first thing to consider when sending money abroad

First how do you want to pay? Several options are possible as paying by bank transfer, by credit or debit card, or with a cash deposit. Money transfer services don’t allow the same pay-in options. Most of them provide bank transfer. Generally speaking a transfer by bank is cheaper but the transfer takes minimum 2 days. Paying by card allow to do a transfer faster but it also a bit more expensive.

To receive the money the options are numerous: bank deposit, cash pick up, prepaid debit card, ATM withdrawal, SWIFT, physical delivery at home. There are also some options like email, mobile wallet and mobile recharge.

Speed of transfer

The transfer delay depends on the money transfer service you choose and depends also on the payment and delivery options chosen. A bank-to-bank transfer takes at least two days while a transfer with a payment by card and a reception method by cash pick up can be made in minutes.

If your transfer is urgent you can also use the express service of some money transfer operators. You’ll pay an additional fee for this service.

Transfer cost

The most important criteria: take care of the fees when sending money abroad. There are two types of fees: look at both the fix fees announced and the fees charged in the exchange rate. It can be very complex to know which money transfer service is the cheapest because you have to calculate both the fix fees and the fees in exchange rate. But good news you can use a money transfer comparison service for international money transfers. It does the job for you because it tells you the exact amount received so that you can see which operator offer the best rate for a specific transfer.


User experience

At last, the user experience is very important too. Who wants to use a cheap service if the customer service is poor? Look at the easiness of the operator. With some operators all can be made online whereas with others it takes two days just to validate an account, so it’s finally a waste of time if you need to go fast! Again you can have this information on a comparison service such as

Before sending money abroad, you need to determine your needs first. For that you need to wonder the following questions: how do you want to send the money (banks transfer, cash deposit,..)? in which form the recipient need to receive it? how often would you transfer? is it a one-shot transfer or regular payments? in which country do you send money? how much money do you send? how fast the transfer should happen? Depending on all those criteria the best option to transfer will not be the same.

How to transfer money abroad: the old fashioned way

Before any comparison platforms for international money transfers exists, it was very difficult to choose a money transfer operator. Indeed around 500 companies are specialised in money transfers and they all providing different services, different countries and different rates.

Here is the old fashioned way to compare and choose an operator: first look online for all the money transfer operators to see which ones provide the currency route needed. Then check at all their rates one by one. See which one offer the most of foreign currencies for the same amount sent. Check at the delay and the options. This process can be very long and very painful !

How to transfer money abroad: the new way

Now comparison platforms exist which does all the job for you! It helps you to find the best option for your transfer. All you have to do is enter the countries, the amount and the comparison services will show all the money transfer available for this specific transfer. It show the rates, the delay the payment and delivery methods, the ease of use of the solution. Comparison services have appeared recently it is a new service very useful to know how to transfer money abroad. Several exist.