Hopefully you are already aware that banks are the worst when it comes to send money internationally. They would be fine if you’re making a transfer inside Europe for example. However if you need to send money to the US, be prepared to pay around 10% of the amount in fees! I will not dig here into the details of these fees but give you alternatives instead.

Finding alternatives to banks is actually very easy, especially if you use a comparison service that does the job for you.


send money to usa


Need to send a large amount of money? Use a broker to send money to USA

The main advantage of using a broker for large amounts (more than $5,000) is that they are the cheapest. The main reason for that is that they are specialised in transferring large amounts of money. Make sure to take time to compare them to find the best one for you. However if you need to transfer regularly, you want to make sure to keep monitoring the competition as the cheapest is not always the same.

One thing that can bother you the first time you use a broker is the signup process, ID verification etc. But we’re talking about money here, so brokers have to make sure they are not helping someone laundering money.


For smaller amounts, use online money transfer operators to send money to USA?

Id verification and validation process is so long with brokers that you’d better use an online operator if you need to send a small amount of money. You’ll find plenty of them who allow you to send money to USA. As they target people sending money regularly, their website and user experience are generally very good. Fees are quite inexistent with these operators and they apply a fair rate. Remember: they need to attract customers.

Most of the time you’ll get your first transfer for free with most of them, which is a good way to test different ones if you want to make your mind before sticking to one. However, I do not recommend you to do that as exchange rates fluctuates, the cheapest operator is clearly different one day from another.


In the end you should keep in mind that one of the key aspect of sending money to USA is the mount you’re ending.


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