Before sending money abroad, you need to determine your needs first. For that you need to wonder the following questions: how do you want to send the money (banks transfer, cash deposit,..)? in which form the recipient need to receive it? how often would you transfer? is it a one-shot transfer or regular payments? in which country do you send money? how much money do you send? how fast the transfer should happen? Depending on all those criteria the best option to transfer will not be the same.

How to transfer money abroad: the old fashioned way

Before any comparison platforms for international money transfers exists, it was very difficult to choose a money transfer operator. Indeed around 500 companies are specialised in money transfers and they all providing different services, different countries and different rates.

Here is the old fashioned way to compare and choose an operator: first look online for all the money transfer operators to see which ones provide the currency route needed. Then check at all their rates one by one. See which one offer the most of foreign currencies for the same amount sent. Check at the delay and the options. This process can be very long and very painful !

How to transfer money abroad: the new way

Now comparison platforms exist which does all the job for you! It helps you to find the best option for your transfer. All you have to do is enter the countries, the amount and the comparison services will show all the money transfer available for this specific transfer. It show the rates, the delay the payment and delivery methods, the ease of use of the solution. Comparison services have appeared recently it is a new service very useful to know how to transfer money abroad. Several exist.


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