Yesterday, I was bored so I went to some forums to see how people deal with transferring money abroad. I read a topic which is priceless. Here is the discussion.

Me reading the topic: “How to send money abroad for free”


M.E (Topic creator)

Hello! How can I send money abroad online without paying fees? It’s an emergency. I wish I can send it fast and free! If it’s not possible, I want the best prices of the market. Any advice? Thanks you all!

Loris (first answer)

You do not tell us if the recipient has a bank account abroad or not. If yes, you can wire money bank to bank, it’s the safer, fastest and cheapest. Now, I guess with your topic that the guy does not have any account there. You have to know that the most you want it to be fast, the most expensive it will be. You can try with Western Union, mostly for Africa, but you can find a lot of money transfer services to do it.


How to send money abroad, please? I have an emergency too, I need to send money to Thailand to a guy who does not have an account in the country. I think it would be less expensive to take the plane and give him myself.


I use my bank to send money abroad. I go to my bank in my neighborhood, and it takes only few minutes. My family living in Morocco receive the money very fast.


You can also check Moneygram. They are not worldwide as Western Union, but less expensive. Also, you need to know that it will be less expensive if you do everything online than go to a withdraw agent.

If you read this blog on a regular basis, you know I don’t need to add anything to this whole b*lls*it…

Free transfer, really? And always the same people… Western Union, MoneyGram, TFW, etc… No comment, really!

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