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Butchered by “Healthcare”: What to Do About Doctors, Big Pharma, and Corrupt Government Ruining Your Health and Medical Care

Cheers for this important “second opinion” counterbalance to the mainstream notion that modern medicine should be trusted implicitly. Dr. Yoho not only offers personal insights from his long and successful surgical carreer, but brings extensive supportive evidence to bolster his arguments regarding the need for caution as a health care consumer. As a Midwestern, board certified orthopedic surgeon for 35 years, split evenly between private group, private solo, and academic practice, I can fully attest to the examples of raw subjectivity, self-interest, and in many cases, outright corruption as described in this important work. I have witnessed similar examples involving physicians, hospitals, professional organizations and certifying bodies, academic medicine, government regulatory agencies, and of course, the massive, highly profitable pharmaceutical and medical device industry, not to mention the ultraprofitable and virtually bulletproof healthcare insurance industry. Navigating the morass of modern medicine has become daunting even for healthcare professionals, making the advice offered in ‘Butchered’ a must-read for all healthcare consumers. This work is especially important for those nearing retirement, where discernment of healthcare choices and financial impact are critically important. Kudos to Dr. Yoho, as “bucking the tide” in effort to inject truth and fairness is not without significant professional risk.

My experiences:

The opiods similar to oxycontin, like hydrocodone, given to me were no more effective than acetaminophen and less effective than NSAIDs like aspirin, ibuprofen, and Aleve for pain relief. I noticed this and stop using them when given to me. If you really have excruciating pain, you need morphine but it is very strictly controlled. I got it once because I had an extra impacted wisdom tooth and had to wait for dental surgery to remove it.

Knee operations to fix your cartilage in your knees (osteoarthritis) is a waste of time. Gentle exercises with a physical therapist work better to strengthen the leg muscles so there is less stress on your knees. Now that I know that insurance companies get kick backs, I know why they are more likely to approve knee surgery than physical therapy.

I am facing sinus surgery but I do not want it and I do not think I need it. Saline rinses have improved the problem on my left side and the ENT surgeon wants to do the right side as well which I have no problems with at all. I am worried that the surgery, which is very painful, is going to make things worse not better. This ENT is too eager to operate on both sides for a one sided medical problem that actually has since disappeared. I will update to let you know but I am very leery, like he has a one solution fits all approach.

A school district psychiatrist and teacher wanted to put my young son on Ritalin in the 2nd grade because he wanted too much help in the class. My son did not have attention deficit. He had dyslexia. He could not read. I told the 1st grade teacher he needed to be tested and she ignored me. I got him a special tutor, paid by myself, for dyslexia and she taught him to read in just months. Surprise, my son ended up reading above grade level by the end of the year and stopped needing help during class. HE COULD NOT READ because of dyslexia (my side of the family). That was his real problem. He also has dysgraphia (my husband’s side of the family). If I had agreed to Ritalin he would still not be able to read nor write because of the dyslexia and dysgraphia. I could not believe how stupid that situation was. There are no drugs that fix either of those conditions, just lazy school district policies that throw drugs at children who need special testing, real diagnosis, and tutoring.

There are other surgeries that have been suggested and they seemed extreme to me. I am eager to finish reading this book.

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