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MEDICARE FOR THE LAZY MAN: Simplest & Easiest Guide Ever!

This book is an excellent, short, and clear read. Starts with clearly defining terms, for example, “Part” vs “Plan”. Then it focuses on what you need to know about the author’s recommended approach to medicare and covers pros and cons. Also points out that there’s really only one irrecoverable mistake you can make with Medicare, which is to not sign up in time. All else is pretty much fixable.

Author is totally open that his target audience are those who are reasonably healthy, and have reasonable assets (not wealth, just not destitute), and just getting to 65. If you’re not in that group the book is still valuable for its quick easy description of the basics, but then you have to look further.

Author is highly opinionated and so you might want to read other material after this as a reality check. But read this first as it will give you the basics and that’ll make it easier to read the other material.

But also author is highly amusing, and casual. I like that sort of writing for “instructional material” in general, as long as it is _also_ the case the author isn’t talking “down” to you. And this one isn’t. It’s adult to adult, just friendly.

And, finally, the cherry on top: Author is available and responsive via email.

(One drawback: As another interviewer points out this book doesn’t cover the person who intends to go _back_ to work after reaching 65. Especially if that person reaches 65 without employment but still with insurance (COBRA). Like me. But that’s ok: I contacted the author and got some further information, and now I know what else to look for that fits my situation.)

Doug Jones is completely honest in explaining that this book is for people who are not infirm and not destitute. He explains how plan G with high deductible is an excellent option for those who meet those requirements. He also explains why advantage plans are not necessarily the best for everyone. His explanations are easy to understand and worth reading. I would highly recommend this book. This book takes about an hour to read so if you were looking for a more detailed in-depth blow by blow account look elsewhere. Otherwise do not miss reading this book because it’s pretty much all you need to know.

Getting other books will only confuse you. Isn’t it about time something was simple?
Also, Mr. Jones is glad to answer question by email and has a podcast that comes out at least twice a week.

So, you can trash the junk mail, email, and calls. This is all you need.
I almost forgot to mention the great screenshots in the book.

You made it this far in life, isn’t it about time something was simple?

I’ve seem some of the other books on the market, they are long-winded and out of date.

I highly recommend this book.
It’s a quick read with a wealth of information.
And if you have any questions about Medicare, you can feel free to “Ask Doug”. Yes, you can directly email the author. I did and he actually responds!
So you not only get a book, but you get an advisor too!!
How can you beat that!!!
Before I read the book, Medicare was mindboggling to me..and I was getting all those annoying medicare phone calls ugh.
After I read the book, I understand Medicare much better. But what’s even more important is, I now know which plan I ultimately want! (After you buy the book.. ask Doug to send you the MSA brochure) I’m so excited about this plan, and I never ever expected to be.
I will soon be crossing “Medicare” off my “To Do” list. This is HUGE!
And a small price to pay for peace of mind:)

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