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The Health Care Handbook: A Clear & Concise Guide to the United States Health Care System (A Clear and Concise Guide to the United States Health Care System)

Wow. What a great read! I am new to the healthcare sector in my position as a treasury management consultant for an international bank. This book gave me a fantastic backdrop to the industry, from how providers are organized to how this multi-trillion dollar financial engine runs (and the many pitfalls related thereto.) Like the authors state, this isn’t a deep dive into any particular facet of the industry. It’s rather a top-down snapshot of everything you need to know.

Speaking of the authors… I wrote them to thank them for such a fine piece and had not only the pleasure of a reply but also the opportunity to speak to Dr. Moore. What a class act. I give this book my absolute highest recommendation!

This is a very readable book that requires no prior knowledge of the US healthcare systems. Highly recommended if you touch the US healthcare systems in any fashion. I work in the pharmaceutical industry, and the insights from this book are very valuable for my job. Physicians, practice managers, insurance industry and pharmacists will also benefit from the insights in this book.

If you’ve ever worked in health care in America, this book is probably not for you. It is not bad, by any means, but it is very simplified. It is also somewhat outdated at this point, since many changes to healthcare systems have been made, for better or worse. If you know nothing about the American health care system, this is probably not the best book for you.

This is book is outdated, poorly written and spews a strong liberal bias. I was considering certification through an organization that recommended this book as a preparation for their certification exam. If their certification is based on the outdated, subjective material in this book, no one could pass the exam. I’ve been a healthcare administrator for over 25 yrs so I understand the real world of healthcare. What a disappointment. I can be a patient advocate without their certification.

Useful both to new doctors, post grads in medicine, and patients as well. Clear concise, factual, broad range of topic providing a very helpful overview of US healthcare. Useful for reference.

Start here if you are new to the US health care system (as I am). I have continually used this book as well as the author’s recommended readings at the end of the book to navigate this crazy industry

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